All profits from the purchasing of this movie go to charities that support people with disabilities. Unstoppables tells the amazing story of a group of incredible, passionate and socially committed cyclists who call themselves the 'Pirates Team'. The Film starts at the Barcelona Velodrome, where team members train together in spite of their different capacities and objectives. Some are happy to train to stay in shape while others aspire to Olympic gold and others, having recently become disabled, have just joined the team. The film's plot develops along two main narrative threads: the main plot focuses on the preparation, participation and homecoming of Juanjo Méndez and Raquel Acinas in the 2012 London Paralympics. Juanjo and Raquel are two of our heroes. Twenty years ago Juanjo lost both his left arm and left leg in a traffic accident. Then he decided to start cycling. Some people might have thought he was mad at the time, but two decades later he is the World Champion and he will participate this summer on his third Paralympic Games. Amongst his numerous trophies he cherishes his six Olympic medals. In London 2012, at 48, he is a favourite to win Gold. In the subplot we follow our secondary characters, amongst them Elisa, who got on a bike for the first time recently after having lost one leg several years ago. One day, as she was feeling sorry for herself in her car, Juanjo - one arm, one leg - raced past her as they were stopped at traffic lights. Elisa then told the friend she was travelling with: "If I ever feel sorry for myself again, remind me of this moment". Weeks later she found Juanjo and the 'Pirates Team' and she started cycling as well. After just nine months of training she was one tenth of a second short from winning bronze at the Spanish Cycling Championships in 2012. The film shows unique moments in the lives of these characters, with a wealth of dramatic situations, life lessons, development of relationships and unforgettable characters.

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