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Salt Lake City's Iota were originally formed in 2002 and experienced the usual underground rock & roll apprenticeship consisting of grueling after-hours rehearsals, dozens of small-time local gigs, and the occasional membership change before finally gaining some recognition in their hometown with a pair of self-financed demos. In fact, the first was named one of 2004's top 50 albums by Salt Lake City Weekly and their second, dubbed Frankenstein Earphone Radio God, made the Top 75 two years later. In the meantime, Iota members Joey Toscano (vocals/guitar), Oz (bass), and Andy Patterson (drums) had enhanced their collective résumé by performing with the likes of Eternal Elysium, the Sword, Priestess, and High on Fire, and were therefore primed to sign up with Small Stone Records after showcasing at Austin's SXSW festival in 2007 and 2008. Their full-length debut, Tales, was released later that summer and revealed a well-honed post-stoner rock sound, rife with psychedelic, space rock, and heavy metal influences. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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