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Stefan Robbers is one of the most known and respected non-U.K. based European techno producers, and (along with Speedy J) one of the only Dutch techno artists to reach a wide audience outside of Holland. Recording as Terrace, Florence, and under his own name, Robbers has been responsible for some of the most memorable moments in experimental dance music in the last few years, from the first release on the now-commanding D-Jax label (Terrace's 1990 EP 916 Beuna Avenue) to recent Terrace and Florence full-lengths released on his own Eevo Lute imprint. Although tracks have appeared through GPR and New Electronica as well, his focus since 1994 has been on Eevo Lute, likely in an effort to raise awareness about Dutch techno artists and which also prompted the establishment (by Robbers and Speedy J's Jochem Paap) of a Dutch remix network. Most often cited in connection with the sort of "listening techno" associated with the Warp, GPR, and New Electronica labels, Robbers' recent releases have moved increasingly toward the incorporation of du jour electronica hybrids such as trip-hop and ambient jungle, although his trademark mixture of intricate, off-kilter rhythms and sweet melodies has remained. Along with Robbers' own releases, Eevo Lute has also issued material from David Caron, Max 404, and Wladimir M., as well as two label compilations (Agenda 21 and Agenda 22). A remixed version of Terrace's 1996 Konnekt LP, entitled Re-Konnekt, was released in 1996, featuring Speedy J, Global Communication, Sean Deason, Kirk Digiorgio, Orlando Voorn, and Thomas Heckmann. ~ Sean Cooper

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