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Carlos Giffoni initially grew up playing punk rock in his native Venezuela but quickly encountered the noise underground after moving to Miami in 1996. A classmate of Adris Hoyos, a member of noise rock duo Harry Pussy, Giffoni formed the similarly no wave-inspired Monotract with Nancy Garcia and Roger Rimada. The group relocated to New York in 2000, where Giffoni began pursuing collaborations with a diverse set of experimentally minded musicians, as well as solo works exploring complex electronic feedback systems and modular synthesis. In 2004, he founded the No Fun Festival, an annual showcase for veteran and up-and-coming acts, quickly establishing it as the premier event of the international noise scene. An active live performer and prolific recording artist, Giffoni has staged successful tours in Europe, South America, and Japan, and has released collaborative albums with artists such as Merzbow, Jim O’Rourke, and Nels Cline.


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