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Alternative rock outfit Life of Riley came into being around two brothers, Cassidy and Brice Campbell. Based out of Houston, TX, the duo had toured for several years throughout the country playing together at clubs and large Christian youth events before heading down to Memphis in 2003 to independently record an album. Working with Skidd Mills (Gin Blossoms, Skillet), the three formed a friendship and, eventually, a production company as well. Some of their work included two hit Christian rock singles, Inhabited's "Rescue Me" and Modern Day John's "Autumn." Enjoying their efforts with other bands, the brothers ultimately wanted to write their own songs; hence, Life of Riley were born. Rounding out lead singer Cassidy and guitarist/vocalist Brice was a longtime friend, bassist/guitarist Barry Ochsner. Drummer Joel Killingsworth in time cemented the lineup. The bandmembers took influences from groups like Switchfoot, Chevelle, and Lifehouse to craft their melodic and heartfelt take on rock. Hitting the road in February 2006 to begin support of their debut album, Days Away from Life was released that August on Missouri-based KikStart Records. ~ Corey Apar

    Houston, TX

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