False Prophets

Formed in 1980, the False Prophets were a New York based punk act that were peers of other second-wave punk bands such as the Undead, Reagan Youth, and Bad Brains. The original lineup -- vocalist Stephan Ielpi, guitarist Peter Campbell, bassist Steve Wishinia, and drummer Matt Superty -- first made a name for themselves at legendary venue Max's Kansas City and playing late sets at the A7 Club. They released two singles, "Blind Obedience" and "Good Clean Fun," before signing with Alternative Tentacles, who would release their debut full-length, False Prophets, in 1986. After numerous drummer changes (which would include former Undead drummer, the late Patrick Blank) the band released their follow-up, Implosion, in 1987. The band broke up on tour shortly thereafter, but was re-formed by Stephan Ielpi and guitarist Debra DeSalvo. The new configuration would continue to for a number of years, releasing just one EP in that time. ~ Christopher M. True

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