The Nocturnes

The Nocturnes are a dream pop, slowcore, and folk-influenced band led by Emma Ruth Rundle, who later built a wider following with experimental post-rockers Red Sparowes. Originally based in New Zealand, the group began in 2007 as the duo of guitarist/singer Rundle and drummer Daniel Yasmin. Together they released debut EP Wellington in early 2008. A year later they relocated to Los Angeles, added bassist/singer Paris Patt, and offered their first full-length, A Year of Spring. Further lineup changes ensued during 2010 as Yasmin departed and Andrew Clinco stepped in as guitarist/singer, with this drummerless incarnation of the Nocturnes playing on the Live on KXLU EP that spring, and Dave Clifford (Pleasure Forever) joining as drummer later that year. This quartet offered the haunting, hazy sophomore LP Aokigahara in summer 2011. ~ Chrysta Cherrie

    Los Angeles, CA

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