To infinity and beyond! The call has gone out to all snow lovers around the globe! Car Danchi has arrived at the magical number 8. The endless turn, the carve that continues, the lift that doesn’t stop, the road that never ends! Ride forever, forever ride! From the deep powder zones of Hokkaido to Japan’s northern alps, the Danchi All-Stars and friends are always in the right place at the right time! The progression of the Danchi crew has led to winter camping and even deeper exploration of Hokkaido’s wilderness. Join in the fun as we ride the endless wave and remember, the message is: Powder Forever and turns for everyone. The Car Danchi movie series is Japan’s original and premier free-riding snowboard and ski film. Produced by Director/photographer Neil Hartmann from his base on the northern island of Hokkaido. The films follow a tight knit crew of riders as they explore the country from the comfort of there motorhomes and converted homes on wheels. Known for realistic documentary style filming on the mountain and fun lifestyle based editing, this series is guaranteed to make you want to ride!

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