About Paris Washboard

Clarinetist Alain Marquet (formerly a member of Charquet & Co.) and trombonist Daniel Barda (who was with the High Society Jazz Band) first regularly played together with the Gilbert Leroux Washboard Group in 1987. When Bob Erdos of Stomp Off Records wanted to record Marquet, Paris Washboard (consisting originally of Marquet, Barda, Leroux, and pianist Louis Mazetier) was formed. Their recording of "When We're Smiling" was so popular that the recording group became a regular band. Their spirited renditions of classic jazz standards was very well received, and soon they were playing not only in France but in Germany, Holland, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Australia. When Gilbert Leroux decided that he did not want to travel, he was replaced by Gerard Bagot. Paris Washboard first appeared in the United States at the 1993 Great Connecticut Traditional Jazz Festival and they have made several return visits to the U.S. since. Gerard Gervois on tuba made the quartet a quintet on half of their selections during their 1993 recording California Here We Come, and he has been a regular guest artist with the group. Paris Washboard has thus far recorded three additional Stomp Off CDs, and they have been a consistently popular attraction on the European trad jazz circuit. ~ Scott Yanow





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