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About Voices from The Lake

Italian DJ/producers Donato Dozzy and Neel make up Voices from the Lake, an electronic duo whose hypnotic, expansive sound harks back to '90s ambient techno projects like Porter Ricks and Gas. Despite being entirely electronic, the duo's lush, immersive soundscapes have an organic, natural feel, often evoking aquatic or forest-like atmospheres. The pair have been widely acclaimed for their calmly paced improvisatory performances, which have been adapted into full-length albums and EPs. The duo debuted in 2011 with a performance at the Labyrinth festival in Japan, as well as the Silent Drops EP on the Munich-based Prologue label. The label issued Voices from the Lake's self-titled debut LP in 2012, and the album was instantly acclaimed, eventually being named Album of the Year by Resident Advisor and gaining a cult following amongst electronic music listeners. Italian label Concrete Records released the duo's limited "531 KHz" single in 2013, and The Bunker New York issued 2014's Velo di Maya, an EP of studio recordings drawn from material performed at the duo's six-hour set at Brooklyn club Public Assembly in 2012. Dozzy and Neel both released full-lengths on John Elliott's Spectrum Spools label (Donato Dozzy Plays Bee Mask, 2013; Neel's Phobos, 2014; Anna Caragnano and Donato Dozzy's Sintetizzatrice, 2015), and the imprint's parent label Editions Mego released Voices from the Lake's highly anticipated second album, Live at Maxxi, in 2015. ~ Paul Simpson




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