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The world of RewardPlace - Applify Loyalty Reward Benefits
Penefit is a RewardPlace for brand lover to convert loyalty/reward cards into mobile app that come with an iPentity (Universal identity). Brand lover (Penefiter) can now 'store' multiple brands cards into mobile phone. Hence never miss any single reward given by your favour brand. Help to preserve the environment and say NO to plastic cards, stamp paper, forgotten or lost cards!

Brand owner use Penefit to run customer benefit rewards (customer loyalty program) on cloud with mobile/web as connecting medium. Support reward points, stamp, membership, cash back, vouchers, coupon, all types at the same time.

+ One time registration to get universal identity
+ Scan to join new brand reward program
+ One app for all brands
+ Instantly get rewards
+ Real time update and check available rewards
+ Environment friendly
+ No worry of losing physical card or stamp card
+ Receive offer / promotions by your favour brands
+ No bulky wallet

BRAND OWNER (Merchant)
Thru various dynamic reward activities, brand owner can build stronger bonding with brand lover. An applify cardless system make social rewarding possible hence further increase brand engagement.

+ Run loyalty program or rewarding internationally with ease
+ Run multiple reward program at the same time (cash back, point, voucher, stamp chop, membership, coupons)
+ Cardless system (reduce cost on printing machine, data entry, postage fee, etc)
+ Multi-currency supported
+ Personalize rewarding
+ More secure on giving reward, hence reduce fraud case (fake stamp)
+ Increase brand lover engagement thru social activities
+ Support chain shop or single outlet
+ Support hybrid model or coalition model
+ User access control
+ Real time reporting
+ Marketing tools for new offer update
+ and more ...

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Versi 2.4.6

Thanks for using Penefit! To make our app better for you, we bring updates to the app store regularly.

Every update of our Penefit app includes improvements.
Here is what's news:

- Send payment notification to merchants device if customers made payment to merchants
- Fixed Facebook signin bug

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15 Penilaian

Very bad.


Bad UI
After reinstall the app, I can register my card.
If you lost the card, there no way to redeem it back.

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This apps can't download.

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This is the best rewards apps I have ever seen. Cool, good job.


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