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----------------------------SuperLive Plus---------------------------------
SuperLive Plus is a specially developed monitoring software for the iPhone.
Customers can view real time video streaming, control operations on the iPhone

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Apa Yang Baru

Versi 1.4.0

1.Added face recognition(This function requires tue support of the device(DVR/NVR))
2.Fixed some bugs.

Penilaian dan Ulasan

3.6 daripada 5

89 Penilaian

89 Penilaian

Slow to load

David Sabah

A good app but slow to load especially when using mobile date.

The Developer should take a look at Eagleeyes, Another CCTV app. It has a simple interface, quick to load & tabulated out all the CCTV that you have. By touching on the a particular CCTV, you can access to that CCTV. Superlive Pro cannot do this

In addition, if you have 2 CCTV/DVR , Superlive Pro will set the default of the camera resolution of the 2nd CCTV to follow the first CCTV. In other words, you cannot set the resolution differently for both CCTV. This is particularly annoying if one of the unit is using fibre optics & the other one using analog services.

Having said that, this app will get the job done amid with some annoyances & slow loading

Slow connection in remote

chiakee hong

Too slow to get it connected with the internet when remotely open away from the Cctv scene.

Efficient & Effective

Mike Selva

Very fast & easy to access & downloading


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54.9 MB
Memerlukan iOS 8.2 atau terkini. Serasi dengan iPhone, iPad dan iPod touch.
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Dinilai 4+
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