12 Songs, 45 Minutes


About La Fuga

Spanish rock band La Fuga were born in July of 1996 in Reinosa, a small industrial town south of Cantabria. Edu (drums), Rulo (guitar and voice), Fito (lead guitar and voice), and Inaki (bass) all left previous bands behind in hopes of forming a solid group. It was not long before La Fuga were performing regularly in Reinosa and the surrounding area. In June of 1997 the group took to the studio to record its first record, the self-produced El Camino. Thanks to local success and acclaim, the group was soon offered the opportunity to work with Fak Records on its first truly market-ready project, Mira. In the process, La Fuga lost Fito to other projects, yet took to the road anyway, touring to support their new record with a new lead guitar player, Nando. In December of 1998, the group decided to present an acoustic concert in El Teatro Principal de Reinosa, the profits of which would be used to purchase gifts for the children of the community. Whisper Producciones released a limited-edition recording of the event, titled Un Juguete por Navidad. A short time later the group produced its next studio production, A Golpes... de Rock & Roll, released by Whisper in 2000. The record's success and acclaim among local critics opened doors for further projects A Las Doce and Calles de Papel. The group's fifth record release, Negociando Gasolina, was issued in 2005, followed by Nubes y Claros: En Acústico in 2006. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

Reinosa, Spain
July, 1996




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