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Binder 2

van VadeCreation

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Music sheets organizer and iTunes player

Retrieve ANY song in only 1 second !!!
- The fastest way to find a song : Simply type 3 or 4 characters and Voilà!

Features (version 2.0):

View your PDF files as sheets in a Binder.
- No need to deal with multiple screens.
- PDF files of a given folder becomes sheets of a single binder.
- Assign up to 8 binders to 8 folders of your choice.
- Manage up to 9 tabs for each binder.
* Use tabs to group songs or to create sets

Quickly retrieve your songs.
- Binder is always in «Search» mode.
- Type few characters or use arrow keys to find a sheet.
- No need to activate a search field. Binder is always ready.
- The search is always performed on all PDF even if a tab is selected.
* This allows you to do a special request and go back to your set right after.

Control iTunes.
- Binder automatically match the corresponding songs in iTunes when you use the integrated remote control.

Sort your song by title or author.
- Simply click on the «Sort» button or press on the «Tab» key to switch to a different sort order (Tite or Author).

No library to maintain.
- Binder build its own indexes according to the name of your PDF files.
- Please read the user manual to get more information about the suggested naming conventions.

Complete integration with your favorite applications.
- Print, Mail, Preview your files directly from Binder.
- All these features are integrated to the main menu of Binder.

Features (version 2.1):
1) Table of contents for each tab
2) The main window of Binder now contains 4 invisibles zones that can be used to scroll PDF (previous/next PDF) and to scroll pages (previous/next 2 pages).

Features (version 2.2):
1) Half Page Zooming.
2) Screen Dimmer (to reduce brightness of PDF).
3) Menu : Preferences added.
4) Bug Fixed : PDF are now automatically enlarge to maximum when the screen resolution is greater than 1280 x 800.
5) User's manual has been updated.

Features (version 2.3):
1) Easily manage your own user lists.
2) Press CMD-ENTER (or CMD-Click on any tab) to Edit user list of current tab (or to Manage tabs if the current tab is not a user list).
3) Bug Fixed : CTRL-Click on a given binder now works when the dimmer is on.
4) Change : If you click on a tab that is already selected, Binder will not select the previous tab.

Features (version 2.3.2):
1) Support of full screen under OSX Lion.

Features (version 2.3.3):
1) Animation added to the toolbar.
2) Hide the toolbar when Binder is not active.
3) Continuous Play : Stop Playback when the last song of a user tab (set list) has been played.

Features (version 2.4):
1) Create Notes for each PDF:
A note can be created for each PDF file. When you create a new note, Binder saves this note in a text file (.TXT) using the same filename as the current PDF. This way, you can easily grab all your notes to share them or for backup. If you rename a PDF file, be sure to rename it’s corresponding .TXT file too.
"-" (dash) key can be used to display / hide notes. You can also click in the middle of the screen, between the two upper rings to display / hide notes.

* Please, read user manual for more information.

Binder is a must for all musicians who must carry binders of music sheets.

Wat is nieuw in versie 2.7.1

PLEASE NOTE: If you are experiencing any problems, Please contact support.

Special note when upgrading from version 2.5:

New security features in OSX means that Binder no longer has access to folders that were previously assigned to colored binders.

Not to worry. You can quickly re-enable your PDF folder by re-selecting it from a Dialog box that Binder will display for you. You only need to do this one time for each colored binder that has an assigned folder.

New in version 2.7.1:
- Bug fix for OSX Lion Mountain

New in version 2.7:
- Bug fix (sometimes app was crashing when running on OSX 10.6)

New in version 2.6:
- Trackpad Support (gestures can be customized from Trackpad Preferences menu).
- Functions (Zoom, Play) are done on the active PDF when 2 PDF of one page are displayed at the same time. In this case, the inactive PDF is dimmed (amout can be set in Preferences menu).
- User Manual updated.


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Recensies van klanten

Binder2 : good programm

It's a good program for conversion your music sheets to the IPAD. No paper needed anymore. Like every program you need to invest in the working of it. It's not so difficult. Point is that music in f.i. *.GTP or *.docx has to be converted to PDF. Thats a good moment to look at your music before conversion to PDF.
You need I-Tunes to place the documents in your IPAD.
Allover: good working program

Binder 2
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  • € 8,99
  • Categorie: Muziek
  • Bijgewerkt: 08-01-2013
  • Versie: 2.7.1
  • Grootte: 7.2 MB
  • Talen: Engels, Frans
  • Ontwikkelaar: Denis Ladouceur

Compatibiliteit: OS X 10.6 of hoger


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