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van Red Sprite Studios

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Brainiversity is a brain training game designed to stimulate your brain with 24 different activities covering Language, Memory, Math and Analysis.

The game includes a Daily Exam mode that records your daily workouts - the results of which are viewable on a monthly chart. You can even compare your results with other users on the same computer.

Your host, Edison, will keep you informed of your progress and will occasionally make jokes, give you some fun scientific facts and let you know if someone famous was born on the day you are playing.


* 4 different training categories

- Language, Memory, Math and Analysis

* 24 unique activities

- Running Total, Do The Math, Sum Time, Big Tipper, Add It Up, Shape Count

- Word Spin, Proverbs, Odd Words Out, Word Builder, Sort It, Spelling Bee

- Repeat After Me, Card Memory, Shopping List, Phone Numbers, Visual Memory, What’s New?

- Stroop Shapes, Odd One Out, Number Sort, Reverse Shapes, Perfect Match, Stroop Test

* 23 different Trophies to earn

* Daily Exam mode keeps your brain on it’s toes with different daily tests

* Practice mode lets you hone your skills

* Daily Chart visually tracks your progress in Daily Exam and daily Practice

* Many people can play on one computer

* Use the Chart to compare your results with other players on the computer

* Hosted by Edison who is full of fun facts and jokes


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  • € 3,99
  • Categorie: Games
  • Releasedatum:
  • Versie: 1.0
  • Grootte: 22.1 MB
  • Taal: Engels
  • Ontwikkelaar:

Compatibiliteit: OS X 10.7 of hoger


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