Choir Prodigy is for learning to sing faster and more accurately than ever, using your PC, Mac or iOS device. The Choir Prodigy mobile application delivers an interactive music instruction and practice experience for any singer anywhere, anytime.

Instantly sing and practice thousands of songs, solos, choruses, warm ups and ear-training exercises - virtually anywhere.

How does Choir Prodigy work?

• Choir Prodigy is the only app that listens to you sing and coaches you, awarding points for singing correctly based on your pitch, timing, breath control, and vowel quality.

• You know exactly how well you are doing because you see real-time feedback while you are singing, like a video game, but you learn real-world skills like breath control, music-reading, and building your voice.

• With the Choir Prodigy app you can instantly learn & practice as many songs, composers or voice parts as you want, as often as you want, anytime you want. Try soprano one day, alto another day. Be the tenor soloist in the Mozart Requiem one evening at home, or learn a Schubert solo song with Choir Prodigy.

• Choir Prodigy includes vocal and choral warm ups as well as a sight-singing and ear training section.

• Choir Prodigy tracks how well you sing so you know what pieces need more work.

• Unlike sing tapes and MIDI tracks that can't listen to you, Choir Prodigy listens, provides reference voice parts as well as piano accompaniment.

• You can even adjust the tempo without changing the pitch.

• As a singer, you can receive instant tutoring while you are away from the ensemble director.

• As a director, your singers can receive feedback on their singing while they practice away from the ensemble, so your ensemble rehearsals will be more effective.


Versie 1.1

Offline mode is great on-the-go, for the times you are without an internet connection.

Universal iPad, iPhone, iPod touch.
Minor bug fixes.


The Way of H, Inc.
27.3 MB
Vereist iOS 5.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.
Beoordeeld 4+
© 2013 Music Prodigy, Inc.


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