Diablo SuperBiker has renewed its design and improved the accuracy of its data detection system: the app is ever more reliable for your routes on the track and on the road. Track your sessions with your smartphone, save and share your records on Facebook!

The new version of Diablo SuperBiker provides you with even more details on your performance, offering you a more exciting user experience.

- A more accurate lean angle calculation, thanks to the combined use of telemetry and a new GPS algorithm, and to the use of the following parameters:
o Center of mass of the bike
o Tire width
o Maximum acceleration;
- Measurement of gravitational acceleration;
- Calculation of altitude;
- Detection of weather conditions (temperature and atmospheric pressure) during your riding experience;
- Detection of the type of asphalt for the traveled route;
- Greater accuracy and ability to handle long periods of no network coverage.

- Choose the duration of the countdown before starting the recording (5-10-20-30-60 secs.);
- Pause the recording during the sessions;
- Visualize data in an improved layout that facilitates the analysis of the sessions;
- Visualize telemetry data synchronized with the map.
- Choose between road map and satellite map views.

- Registration is mandatory to enable the saving of road and track sessions for more accurate measurements;
- Personalize your enriched user profile.

- Sign in with your Facebook profile;
- Find friends who have installed Diablo SuperBiker, either through Facebook or through the app itself;
- Share your best sessions on Facebook, Twitter, email.

- Access our new, more intuitive layout;
- Visualize all data collected during your sessions and those of your friends.

"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."


Versie 4.4

This new version of Diablo SuperBiker gives you:
- Bug fixing
- Bike model db updated
- New social post

Beoordelingen en recensies

4.2 van 5
9 beoordelingen
9 beoordelingen

Simpel en doeltreffend


Leuke app, simpele opzet maar weinig banden keuze als je het mij vraagt.

Mooi app


Doet soms raar met afsluiten verder kan je de gereden rit zien

Fun app, looks reasonably accurate


First impressions are good, though there are Some quircks. An Italian confirmation e-mail for one, though this is pretty self explanatory (hint: hit the big yellow button...). Otherwise data looks reasonably accurate, considering that I left it on in my pocket after and this didn’t return any freak values.

Adjusting the settings on your profile page should be something that is automatically saved rather than by user input, though this is my personal opinion. Auto-pause works well, and the presentation of data is concise.

What I miss? Well, for one the 0-60/20-60/0-100/60-120 times (don’t do that last one on the road though 😏😇). Also, I’d love to be able to zoom in on my data. Right now, it’s a little hard to get accurate point-on-map data.


Pirelli & C. S.p.A.
54.9 MB
Vereist iOS 8.1 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.
Duits, Engels, Frans, Italiaans, Japans, Portugees, Spaans
Beoordeeld 4+
Deze app kan je locatie gebruiken zelfs als de app niet geopend is. Hierdoor kan de batterij sneller leegraken.
© 2018 Pirelli & C. S.p.A.


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