ELECOM browser FREE is a browsing application equipped with a "blue light cut" and "secret mode" function.

App Store Category Best Ranking
Laos: 1st
Korea: 3rd
Thailand: 6th
Oman: 9th

Korea/Hungary/Thailand: 1st
Taiwan: 2nd
Hong Kong/Malaysia/Singapore: 3rd
Macau: 4th
Slovakia: 5th
Egypt: 7th
Brunei/Indonesia: 10th

- Normal Web Browsing
- Secret Mode
- Blue light cut

[Secret Mode]
You can hide private or secret page by pressing HOME or power button.
After restoring to app, that page will be hidden.
To restore page, you can use Touch ID or passcode.
It is very useful to hide the page when someone suddenly look into it.

[Blue light cut]
Blue light is considered to be a cause of eye fatigue and decreased quality of sleep. By reducing the amount of blue light emitted from LCD displays common in smartphones and tablets, the progression of eye strain can be avoided (results vary by individual).

In order to cut the amount of blue light emitted while surfing the net on your various devices, a blue light-cutting function has been embedded into this browsing application.

*1 Bluelight Cut filter is available within this application.

*** iOS maximum reduction: 88.74% ***
*Reduction refers to the high reliability value observed at the Konika Minolta, Inc. optics company.

*** What is blue light? ***
Blue light is the blue portion of light emitted from liquid crystal displays. Blue light is naturally occurring and a necessary component in the display of color on screen. However, it is thought that since blue light contains the most energy of all visible light, it passes through the cornea and lens of the eye before being absorbed in the retina. This can ultimately lead to decreased retinal function. Eye strain and dry eye can come about from long-term exposure to blue light because it has a stimulatory effect on the ciliary muscles that contract the iris. Furthermore, the body's internal clock can become out of sync due to blue light's tendency to suppress the release of the hormone that promotes sleep (melatonin).

*2 FREE version shows Ads on screen.
By purchasing the license key through In-App Purchase, you can remove Ads.

[Support OS]
iOS 9 or higher

[ELECOM Apps Web]




Versie 1.0.11

Ver 1.0.11 (2017.01.24)
- Fixed the issue that the blue light cut filter will be OFF after force termination.


Doet niets en belooft veel reclame

Miss Smirnov

Gelukkig makkelijk te verwijderen. Hopelijk geen virus

Sucky browser that starts bombarding you with spam


Sucky browser that starts bombarding you with spam the moment you install it!!! Don't do it!


16.7 MB
Vereist iOS 9.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.
Engels, Japans, Koreaans
Je moet minstens 17 jaar zijn om dit programma te downloaden.
Onbeperkte webtoegang
In‑app aankopen
  1. License Key € 5,49


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