The town of Lawrston was once a peaceful place to live, until the summoning tore it apart. Risen from the depths of the utmost evil, the ancient celestial monster, Bob, has possessed the town. Using his new army, Bob, plans to turn all of humanity into his evil servants.

All that stands between Bob and his plans is one man, cranky from a double shift and with no evening plans. That man is Ernie, the sales manager for Meat N' Things.

-Use Ernie's vast array of weapons to fight tons of unique monsters across 30 levels.

-Battle many gigantic freakish bosses.

-Unlock and upgrade new weapons and side arms.


Versie 1.5

-Mirror girl enemy needs a white flash frame when getting hit in shield mode. Also said enemy should take minimized damage while in shield mode

-Sniper bullets should not be destroyed by enemy projectiles

-Awoken laser does not damage player this will be fixed.

-Make main menu start button hit box larger

-Nurse needle will be enlarged

-Make “no ammo” indication more obvious

-Low gun meter will have an indication for the player

-Reduce weakness penalty for blue gun meter

-Special laser/shooting bullets stays ontop of game over overlay

-Show highest combo results for both modes

-Extend weapon function actor all the way to the edge of the left side

-Boss 1 and 2 leave screen sometimes and will now be fixed

-Fancier system font

-Rearrange upgrade store

-Redo button art in tutorials menu

-Various menu art tweaks/changes


Goodnight Games LLC
52.3 MB

Vereist iOS 7.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.



Je moet minstens 17 jaar zijn om dit programma te downloaden.
Content met intens realistisch geweld kan regelmatig voorkomen
Content met intense horror-/angstthema’s kan regelmatig voorkomen
Content met milde volwassen/suggestieve thema’s kan soms voorkomen
Content met een milde mate van grof taalgebruik of grove humor kan soms voorkomen
Content met intens animatiegeweld of fictief geweld kan regelmatig voorkomen
© 2016 Goodnight Games LLC
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