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GoldenHour.One helps you to find the best time, place and weather for your outdoor pictures. knows ahead of the time your chance for a good photo. It is able to predict the light and sky indexes from local weather forecast anywhere in the world.

SkyIndex - will show you chance for dramatic sky,
LightIndex - shows a chance for portraits landscape and architecture.
The Clear and easy interface give you a quick estimate of today’s situation.
Immediately after start, you will see the time of next Golden Hour and both indexes.
One quick glance and you weather to go for a photo or not.

Pick any place on the map and GoldenHour.One will show you sun position during golden hour.
If the sun is not where you have imagined, you can either move the pin to a new position or use the slider pick another date when the sun is in the desired position.
GHO won’t let you miss any opportunity.
Pick any event you would like to remind for and GoldenHour.One will remind you in advance.

* Golden and blue hour (for any place in the world)
* Weather forecast for photographers
* SkyIndex predicting the chance for a dramatic photo of sunrise or sunset.
* LightIndex predicting conditions for portraits panoramas and architecture.
* Forecast of indexes five days ahead.
* Map for finding best spot and date to take best pictures.
* Compass mode for finding the direction of sun during the golden hour.
* List of favorite spots for future use
* DarkMode

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"The app serves as a great tool to plan shots with the perfect light conditions" -

"Overall, it’s one of the best designed and most thoroughly thought out golden hour apps available." -

Olivier Sarbil, photojournalist, war reporter
"Good help with GoldenHour.One app to get right time and place for shooting at the golden hour."

Adam Batchelor, director of photography
"Testing the app GoldenHour.One it's done a great job at pinpointing the perfect time and place to get that Terrence Malick style shot."

Experience of Eric from Spain - (review from the AppStore translated from Spanish)
"Excellent for Photographers!!!

I bought the app with many doubts in my mind. I was on holiday in Rome, and it was raining a lot, so, I just wanted to find, somehow, a perfect day to wake up early in the morning and take photographs. When I opened the app, I saw that it had some bars to score, from 1 to 10, the quality of the sky (clouds, sunset and sunrise, colors in the sky) and the quality of the light (brighter, diffuse or gray). It was perfect! Just the next day, I woke up early because the score was 9 out of 10… until today, it has been one of the best landscape photography sessions that I have had, and all was thanks the “quality” notification of the sky and light of that day. The previous day it was raining, I really could not believe the app was so accurate, but yes, it is really accurate. Really, it’s highly recommend to buy the app, especially if you want to take outdoors photographs because, the app can send notifications up to 5 days in advance. But remember, the weather is always unpredictable, but, so far, the app has been successful every day."


Versie 1.3.0

iPad 10.5 support

Various crash fixes

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5 beoordelingen



Deze app geeft een leuk overzicht van het gouden uur en zonsopkomst en -ondergang.

1. Wat niet altijd klopt is de verwachte licht kwaliteit. Deze is dan verschillend op de iPad en de iPhone. Pull down to refresh helpt niet, je moet de apps opnieuw starten om het weer gelijk te krijgen.
2. Daarnaast klopt de indicator af en toe niet met de de numerieke waarde
3. Bij wijzigen van de datum in clock view op de iPad gebeurt er niets, je moet eerst pull to refresh doen
Jammer, want de verwachte lichtkwaliteit dit is toch iets waarom je deze app koopt.

iphone x support?

Gideon Buurma

Where’s the iPhone X support?

Reactie van ontwikkelaar

We are sorry it is taking so long. We are currently working on new updated version supporting iPhone X. It will be released in a few weeks. If you would like to look at the beta, please contact us at the Hana

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