HARMONY DecisionMaker is a new app by Goldratt Research Labs that guides you through the 5 Steps of the ProConCloud (or ChangeMatrixCloud) process to help resolve important problems or conflicts that can hang over us like dark clouds. Each of the 5 steps was designed to help prevent one of 5 most common problem solving and decision mistakes we make when resolving problems or conflicts or trying to learn from experience.

Step 1: Define YOUR Problem and why it's important.
To prevent common mistakes of Wasting our limited attention by Dealing with Unimportant Problems or Procrastinating on Important Problems

Step 2: Define YOUR and “THEIR” Conflicts
To prevent common mistakes of Jumping to a Solution Or just Finding Someone to Blame

Step 3: Resolve Change Conflicts with win:win
To prevent common mistake of FOCUSING on only ONE resolution or compromising Not realizing there are 4 viable options

Step 4: YES BUT Planning
To prevent common mistakes of Ignoring valid reservations (Yes, buts) OR Using Yes, buts as excuses not to act

Step 5: Design GOOD Experiment
To prevent common mistake of Failing to learn from experience by doing BAD Experiments when
communicating or implementing changes

Once you signup you get a free 1-month trial to test the app and functionality. Once the trial period has ended you can choose from the following subscriptions options, 3, 6 or 12-month auto renewable subscription or you can continue using the app just as a viewer and will not abe able to edit or create new conflicts.

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Versie 1.3.3

This update features new functionality in both the Mobile and Web platforms with alternative steps 2 and 3 for using the ProConCloud to resolve decision conflicts using a “calculate it” option.

The Process starts by simply identifying the decision criteria you want to use for evaluating two options you have to decide on (e.g. to accept a new job vs. not accept a new job), giving an importance factor between 1 and 5 for each of these and then analyzing each option based on the likely “best-case” and “worst-case” impact on each decision criteria. In Step 3, our Harmony App will then calculate the aggregated scores for the Pros vs. Cons of each option and show you the ”winning” option. It is a really quick way for you and/or your team to use a quantitative way to make decisions or to do quantitative research on how different people evaluate different options.

Users can now define whether it is a Business or Personal Decision and define their own decision criteria and relative importance of each on a scale of 1 to 5 or they can select from one of the standard decision criteria frameworks we have included like
PERMAH which is used in Positive Psychology for self-assessments to evaluate how a change will impact your well being.

Once users have defined their decision criteria and weightings, they then evaluate the likely impact of each of their two options on each decision criteria. Will this option make it better or much better (PROS) OR make it worse or much worse (CONS). These each carries a score of +1,+3, -1,-3 which allows Harmony to then calculate which option is the “winner”


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