Tweetbot is an award-winning, native Twitter client for the Mac. This full-featured client has fantastic support for multiple accounts and lists. It also has powerful mute filters, multiple column views, and much more.


Designed for OS X.
Tweetbot feels right at home in Yosemite with its beautiful interface, animations, support for Retina Displays and Notification Center.

Multiple Columns & Windows.
Open saved searches, lists, mentions, direct message conversations and more into columns or windows and never miss a tweet.

Mute Filters.
Hide tweets that you don’t want to see for a short period or forever. Mute people, hashtags, or tweets via keywords (includes regex).

Multiple Device Sync.
If you use Tweetbot on iOS, your timeline, unread status, and mute filters will automatically stay in sync so you can always continue where you left off across devices.

Support for 3rd Party Services.
Tweetbot supports bitly, CloudApp, Droplr,, Instapaper, Mobypicture, Pinboard, Pocket, Readability, and yfrog


Versie 2.5.4

- Added support for posting up to 280 character long Tweets.
- Blocking users now prevents Tweets from those users showing up in Tweet search and Tweet replies.


Very Disappointing!


As a long time Tweetbot user on iOS I really wanted to try this Mac version. I used Tweetdeck for a very long time but lately it’s been crashing over and over again. So today I switched to Tweetbot, hoping it would be as great as on iOS. My goodness, for this price one would expect a lot of great features like in Tweetdeck. But no, it lacks many, many features! For instance, one very basic one, Dark Mode … Not available! Multiple Column view, forget it. Unlike Tweetdeck where you can add unlimited columns and scroll horizontally, with this app I managed to put max 5 columns on my MacBook Pro 15 inch and when I tried to add an additional column it appears halfway next to the last one but you’re not able to scroll horizontally!!! Wow, what a bummer!! For this relatively expensive app it truly lacks a lot of basic features. What a shame cause I am a big fan of Tweetbot on my iPhone and iPad.



Dit is waar ik op heb gewacht! EINDELIJK een fantastische Twitter app voor de mac. Het werkt net zo geweldig als op mijn iPhone en Ipad.
Daarnaast ziet het er super mooi uit door het Retina display van mijn Macbook pro.

Kortom, echt een aanrader mensen!

Expensive but worth it


Since I had been checking for it's release daily I couldn't NOT buy it :)


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