Design animated lighting effects for Philips Hue, LIFX, Lightify, and Avea with full control over color, speed, style, and more.

Just choose a mode, a palette, and up to 50 bulbs — right away the room comes to life with changing color.

Scintillator includes lots of pre-built effects and color palettes to get you started. Change them or make your own with the couldn’t-be-simpler editors.

For setting a mood, throwing a party, or just watching a movie, Scintillator creates a living colorscape to suit the occasion.

“Great for showing off what the bulbs can do.” — Digital Trends

“Best app for making light animations” — KuipoqiuK

"Simple, elegant. Gorgeous." – HotelGulf718

“Just mesmerizing.” — Dhrubin


◆ Gorgeous pre-built effects by the dozen

◆ Music visualizer with custom colors

◆ Scintillator understands traditional artists’ color harmony! Automatically create colors that look good together

◆ Lots of bulbs? Run multiple effects at the same time

◆ Full color palette editor with nearly unlimited swatches

◆ Sleep timers for automatic fade-and-stop

◆ Bulb set editor organizes all your bulbs

◆ Pull colors from photos

◆ Master brightness control per effect

◆ Fast or ultra-gradual effects up to 1200 seconds per step

◆ Listening sensitivity makes effects reacts to sound

◆ Share lighting designs with friends

◆ Import color palettes from COLOURlovers and Dribbble

To use Scintillator you need at least one of...
- a Philips Hue bridge with at least one controlled bulb
- LIFX bulbs
- an Osram Lightify hub with at least one controlled bulb
- an Elgato Avea bulb and an iOS device with Bluetooth 4.0

LIFX bulbs should have the latest firmware update from http://www.lifx.com/pages/updates .

See meethue.com, lifx.co, osram.com, or elgato.com for more information.


Versie 1.77

More reliable LIFX connections.




Wat een gave app..... Alleen........ Hij draait niet op de achtergrond. Dus ga je uit de app, dan doen de lampen het niet meer. Oef... Hopelijk snel een update, want de effecten en mogelijkheden op zich zijn geweldig!!! :))

Nice app for Hue, but flawed


I don't like the standard themes of this app. But you can tweak everything you want and that makes it nice. Could be more userfriendly though. And a major flaw is that if you use airplay, the app instantly breaks the airplay-connection! Very annoying. And The brightness of the bulbs can't be customized seperately

Good! A few changes would be nice


I'm quite impressed with this app so far, it does alot of things that i was missing with the official hue app from philips.. Like changing colors and more animation instead of just static colors.
The interface is good and easy to use, and it's easy to make your own animations and lights also chosing which main colors you want the animation to use, how fast they change, etc.
In my opinion it could use a little fine tuning, like the listening fuction that works, but the light seem to flash more then actually following the beat of the music.
And it should definitly get individual control on each seperate bulb, chosing which ones you want to use, and individual control on the brightness. Compatibillity with spotify would also be a nice thing!

I do like the app though, it gives me the extra bit of control that I wanted for my hue lights and I will continue to use the app and do recommend it


Flaming Pear Software
14.7 MB
Vereist iOS 8.1 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.
Beoordeeld 4+
© 2017 Flaming Pear
€ 3,49


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