Serious writers use Mellel. It’s built to handle all long-form written works, whether novel or manuscript, thesis or newsletter. It supports you throughout your entire writing process. Outline, write, edit, style, and format your works for professional print in one software, in one environment. Easily. Quickly. So you can concentrate on what's truly important: writing.

— Take control of your styles.
— Use your styles sets from one document to another.
— Depend on its reliability. Mellel doesn't crash. Create beautiful documents consistently.
— Save time and hassle. It does automatically what other writing apps make you do manually.


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Tools Update In Real Time
• Auto-titles let you organize your document easily
• Dynamic cross-references that update automatically
• Unprecedentedly powerful and easy-to-use indexing tool
• Citations and Live Bibliography update as you write
• Generate Tables of Contents with ease and control

Create Beautiful and Consistent Documents
• Consistent and clear styles
• Flow text around images and text boxes
• Create sections, columns, and tables
• Reuse your styles across different documents

Find Anything
• Most advanced find and replace tool
• Smart Regular Expressions-like language
• Run hundreds of saved Find Actions at once

Advanced Editing
• Smart paragraph spacing, hyphenation, and keep options
• Visually design your page styles
• Create titles with multiple parts and styles
• Flexible and advanced character styles with 8 style variations
• Copy and paste text and attributes, together or separately

Manage and Organize
• Outline pane gives you bird’s eye view of entire structure
• Alternate colors of line items to improve outline look and layout
• Move entire sections with a click in the Outline
• Create your plot via the Story pane, add events, characters and locations
• Keep track of changes with tracked changes and comments
• Eradicate “gremlin” styles with Style Replace

Compatibility and Collaboration
• Imports DOCX, DOC, RTF, and TXT documents
• Exports DOC, RTF, and TXT documents
• Exports PDFs with live links, linked indexes, cross references, and Tables of Contents
• Supports all image formats (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, and more)
• Save and open to and from the cloud, and to Mellel’s iOS version

What’s New in Version 4.0:
• The Most advanced Index tool, saving 50 percent of index creation time
• Massively revised Outline pane enables you to structure your document without removing your hands from your keyboard. Add comments, tags, and markers
• Organize your narrative with the Story Pane. Navigate your plot, attach characters, locations, images, and more
• Enjoy a refreshed UI and many new features and enhancements
• Bugs were fixed


Versie 4.1.3

• Docx import now supports non-breaking hyphen and soft hyphen
• Added support for "Petite Capitals" and "Petite Capitals From Capitals" open type features
• Fixed an issue that caused hyperlinks in headers and footers to be non-functional when exported to PDF
• Mellel will now collect statistics in a text box selection
• Fixed issues with importing docx documents containing fields spanning multiple sections. General improvements in handling of fields including the ability to resolve fields inside hyperlinks
• Fixed an issue that would cause redundant document ("diamond") sections styles to appear in a style set after dragging an index style from one set to another
• Proper RTL ui for: welcome to mellel "recents" list, template browser folder list, ghost inline popover, replace styles combination lists, tag editing table in preferences, marker editing table in preferences, stroke and options popover buttons in character palette
• Fixed an issue which caused strange positioning of popovers and other windows when multiple palettes are positioned spread all over the screen
• Fixed an issue that prevented proper editing of the url field in the hyperlink edit panel
• Fixed an issue that caused strange placement of the caret when using command+arrow key combinations with lines terminated with tabs and line breaks
• Fixed an issue that caused the caret to become invisible when positioned right before a line break
• Removing annotations from text when converting it to an auto-title or citation
• Fixed an issue that caused an extra space to be added after certain symbols like { or } when exported to RTF
• Fixed an issue that allowed inserting document variables into text boxes despite the lack of support for these in text boxes
• Fixed an issue where tab labels in page style editor would get clipped on some localisations
• Changed "hidden characters" to "white space" in track changes description
• Fixed an issue that caused content that is enclosed in structured document tags (cover pages, table of contents etc) to be omitted when importing docx documents
• Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to read annotations inside auto-titles and citations in documents created by previous versions of Mellel (that allowed this by mistake) resulting in documents that cause all sort of issues including crashing when creating an index
• Fixed an issue that caused insert menu items and style menus and palettes to remain active when a sheet (edit note attributes, edit title flows etc.) is presented over the document window
• Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to produce un-openable documents after inserting an index with a record whose name starts with a character encoded as surrogate pair.
• Japanese localisation fixes "Notes", "Structure"


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