Mellel, the most powerful word-processor for the Mac, comes to the iPad. Built for long and complex documents, Mellel allows you to create documents with style, sophistication, and consistency. What’s even better, Mellel for iPad will gradually incorporate advanced features added to its Mac counterpart.

Enjoy full compatibility: All the attributes set on Mellel for Mac are compatible and will be maintained on Mellel for iPad - and vice versa. At home with a Mac or on the top of the Mont Blanc with your iPad, you can now work on your documents, keeping your cross-references, citations, images, captions, custom auto-titles, notes and so on intact.

Power at your fingertips: Mellel supports several powerful features, allowing you to access some high-end word-processing features while enjoying the iPad ease-of-use:

• Outline: Easily navigate your entire document via the Outline
• Auto-titles: Easily add headings to structure your document
• Find and Replace: Find any word, anywhere in your documents
• Track-Changes: Track changes you and others make in a document
• Comments: Add comments to your document
• Notes: Easily add footnotes, endnotes, author notes, and more
• Tables: Insert and edit tables in your document
• Word count: Count words, paragraphs, lines, notes, and more
• Special characters: Use the Insert strip to easily insert special characters and symbols
• Zoom: Examine details or zoom out to 4-up view, to view your entire document flow.
• Document viewer: Add, duplicate, delete, name and rename your docuemnts

Styling is easy: Mellel's powerful styles will allow you to style your documents on-the-fly or using styles, allowing you to maintain consistency and apply a myriad of changes all at once:

• Character: Apply character styles or set the font, font face, size and other attributes yourself
• Paragraph: Apply paragraph styles or set the alignment, line spacing and direction yourself
• Images: Add images to your document, and move them around
• Text boxess: edit and manipulate text boxes
• Lists: Start, stop, increase and decrease lists, and apply list styles
• Section: Apply section styles to set two, three or four columns in any section of the document
• Page: Apply page style, to change the margins, headers and footers and other attributes
• Marking: Mark text easily and quickly.

iCloud: Turn on iCloud to make your documents automatically available on your Mac:
• Save your documents to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, and compatible storage services. from your iPad or your Mac...
• ... And easily open them in place or your iPad
• Export files as RTF or PDF from Mellel for iPad
• Import files in RTF or DOCX format
• Send your documents via eMail anywhere


Versie 4.1.3

• Docx import now supports non-breaking hyphen and soft hyphen
• Added support for "Petite Capitals" and "Petite Capitals From Capitals" open type features
• Fixed an issue that caused hyperlinks in headers and footers to be non-functional when exported to PDF
• Fixed issues with importing docx documents containing fields spanning multiple sections. General improvements in handling of fields including the ability to resolve fields inside hyperlinks
• Fixed an issue that would cause redundant document ("diamond") sections styles to appear in a style set after dragging an index style from one set to another
• Fixed an issue that caused strange placement of the caret when using command+arrow key combinations with lines terminated with tabs and line breaks.
• Fixed an issue that caused the caret to become invisible when positioned right before a line break.
• Changed "hidden characters" to "white space" in track changes description
• Fixed an issue that caused content that is enclosed in structured document tags (cover pages, table of contents etc) to be omitted when importing docx documents
• Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to read annotations inside auto-titles and citations in documents created by previous versions of Mellel (that allowed this by mistake) resulting in documents that cause all sort of issues including crashing when creating an index
• Removing annotations from text when converting it to an auto-title or citation.
• Fixed an issue that caused an extra space to be added after certain symbols like { or } when exported to RTF
• Fixed a couple of memory leaks

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Beste tekstverwerker op de iPad. Werkt naadloos samen met Mellel op mn iMac


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Vereist iOS 8.1 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPad.
Beoordeeld 4+
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