NewsTap is a powerful Usenet Newsreader for the iPad, iPhone and the iPod Touch.

- Optimized for offline usage, so you can read and write news articles without an internet connection

- It's easy and simple to subscribe, manage and read news groups.

- Filters (also known as "Killfile") can automatically mark articles as read or mark them with a certain color.

- The application fully supports the portrait and landscape mode.

- Support for binary groups (photos and other files). Photos and pictures can be displayed directly. It's possible to add photos into the photo album or open them in other Apps.

- Quotes are displayed in different colors. Colors are also used to distinguish between read and unread articles, filtered articles.

- Hyperlinks are automatically detected and can be opened in a web browser.

- Optimized article layout for the small iPhone display. The original article layout is also available.

- Navigate within the articles from within the thread view or simply by flipping to the next/previous article with your finger.

- A graphical „tree view“ visualizes a complete discussion and makes it super-easy to follow and participate discussions.

- It's possible to hide articles that are already read and to hide quotes.

- Sync the read/unread states of the articles using a „newsrc“ file with other usenet client. The sync can be done via SFTP, WebDAV, Dropbox and iCloud.

- Post new articles or send followups.

- Build-in help, which explains all the application features.

For more screenshots please look at the developers web site.


Versie 5.3.1

Fixes several glitches in the User Interface on an iPad running iOS 11.

Beoordelingen en recensies

High quality. Worth every Penny.


I've been using this program since 10-2009. It's a amazingly good news agent, since the latest update I can even ROT13 a piece if text in a posting (select text, tap quote button, tap ROT13), one of the things I asked Alexander Claus for. Most things on my wishlist were already on A's todo list, so I'm quite pleased with this app's development.
There's one irritating 'feature' however I'd like to see solved: the interpretation of quotation marks is often in error, that is, newstap messes up the display where other news readers don't.
Nevertheless it's a well meant 5 star app in my view.

Hardly any binaries support


A usable usenet reader, but for text groups only. It doesn't support multipart binaries.


Alexander Clauss
5.4 MB
Vereist iOS 7.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.
Duits, Engels
Je moet minstens 17 jaar zijn om dit programma te downloaden.
Content met mild seksuele inhoud en naaktheid kan soms voorkomen
Content met medische/behandelingsinformatie kan soms voorkomen
Content met milde volwassen/suggestieve thema’s kan soms voorkomen
Onbeperkte webtoegang
Content met een milde mate van grof taalgebruik of grove humor kan soms voorkomen
Content met milde horror-/angstthema’s kan soms voorkomen
Content met mild alcohol-, tabaks- of drugsgebruik of referenties ernaar kan soms voorkomen
© 2017 Alexander Clauss
€ 4,49


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