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Oriental Ultimate Sleeping Music

van Wang Kai

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Sleep is everyone in life must be an absolute need to meet, like food and water. Scientific evidence: who lack sleep, insomnia or sleep quality, and will become restless, mood swings, memory loss, decreased ability to judge, and even some of the delusions and hallucinations, which is difficult to adhere to daily life and activities. Person's lifetime are about one-third of the time for sleep, so sleep for everyone concerned, are essential life needs.

Baby sleep not only affects the body growth, but also may affect the brain's normal development. Adults, lack of sleep not only affects their physical recovery, but not conducive to mental health. Elderly people sleep less, which may accelerate the aging brain.

Insomnia: usually refers to patients or the quality of sleep and does not meet during the day and affect social function of a subjective experience.
1 difficulty falling asleep
2 can not sleep
3. Wake up early, unable to sleep after waking
4 slept energy not recovered after 5 easily awakened, and some of the sound-sensitive, some sleep on the light-sensitive ......

Insomnia will cause people's fatigue, anxiety, malaise, listlessness, slow response, headache, memory is not centralized, it's greatest impact is spiritual, seriously, it will lead to schizophrenia. Living life, whole grains, vast social competition, despite the stresses of life, complex emotional entanglements ...... no one can ever completely get rid of insomnia and poor sleep quality problems. Perhaps no, but in the future no one can ensure that no. The music to the desire for healthy people of sleep, provides an effective way into a deep sleep. Gentle melody, musical euphemism, Enron created a special atmosphere to help overcome insomnia sleep unfavorable factors is to enhance the quality of sleep, the best sound treatment options. So vibrant vitality restored, so that all the backlog of internal pressure and burnout complete distraction.

----Music List-----
Season1:Quiet Late
1.Dancing with the Neon Light
2.Dream in Dark Blue
3.Sentiment of My Heart

Season2:Catching Dreams
1.Running Water in the Long Rill
2.Rose Petal Floating
3.Love is Around
4.Shadow Shaking in the Moonlight
5.Catching Dreams
6.Angel Flying Around
7.Deep Night

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Oriental Ultimate Sleeping Music
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  • € 0,89
  • Categorie: Muziek
  • Bijgewerkt: 02-09-2011
  • Versie: 2.0
  • Grootte: 137 MB
  • Talen: Engels, Spaans
  • Ontwikkelaar: Wang Kai

Compatibiliteit: Vereist iOS 3.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.


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