The game is player versus player. Each player gets five turns to throw three darts.
The player has to throw the best possible pokerhand. The rankings of poker values are in the settings menu.

To throw a card the player needs to hit a value (Ace, King, Queen => 4, 3, 2) which are placed in the trips section on the board. Next to the value the player needs to throw a suit (Hearts, Spades, Clubs, Diamonds).

It tdoesn't matter in what sequence you hit the targets. When you have hit the targets with two throws you can skip the third dart if you like. If you choose to throw and hit another target. That last target hit will count.
Example: You hit; Hearts and with the second dart an Ace. When you would throw the third dart and hit Clubs. Your card will be Ace of Clubs.

A card can't be thrown twice. Not by you or your opponent.
If for example when you threw the third dart and got that Ace of Clubs. While your opponent already has the Ace of Clubs. Your card will be discarded.

You can practice and play tutorial, but the best way to play is to play other players and try to beat them in a match.

There's a free chip button and video ads to be able to play against other players. Your Facebook friends can also send you gifts to play with.
You can also play your Facebook friends and you can play tournaments against them or other players around the world. There will be an option to directly challenge a friend in the future.

There's a share option to post your results on Facebook.

This game will make poker players better and dart players enjoy poker. Have fun and let's all keep improving.


Versie 1.1.40

- fixed free chips button
- updated game icon


Great game!!!!!!

Agentof Oblivion

Everyone should play this game! It's great fun. It works well and very intuitive. I am sure whom ever downloads this app will thoroughly enjoy it.


Ricardo Sibelo
125.9 MB
Vereist iOS 7.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.
Je moet minstens 17 jaar zijn om dit programma te downloaden.
Gokken en wedstrijden
Content met milde simulatie van het gokken kan soms voorkomen
© Owner: Ricardo Arthur Sibelo, 2016 Ecstatic Dimensions


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