Rowmote lets you seamlessly control audio, video, and presentation applications on your Mac from your iOS device.

You love the remote control which came with your Mac - so simple yet elegant, with easy control of Front Row, iTunes, Quicktime, DVD Player, Keynote, and more.

Or, your Mac didn’t come with a remote control or doesn’t even have an infrared port. Buying a remote control, from Apple or a third party, would carry a significant cost!

You carry your iPhone or iPod Touch wherever you go... so why should you carry a second device just to control your computer? Furthermore, why should you need line-of-sight to do so?

Enter Rowmote! Rowmote is like your Mac’s remote control, but over the wireless network and even better! By tapping the Apps button, you get bonus abilities, switching between controlled programs, toggling the iTunes Visualizer, and more. Rowmote will even wake sleeping Macs.


- Control your Mac over a wireless network. No line of sight necessary.

- Functions just like the hardware Apple Remote Control in:
• Adobe Lightroom
• Airfoil Video
• Amarra
• Aperture
• BBC iPlayer
• Beamer
• Boxee
• Decibel
• DVD Player
• Ecoute
• eyeTV 3.x
• Firefox
• Front Row
• Hulu Desktop
• iPhoto
• iTunes
• Keynote ‘08 & later
• kJams Pro
• Kodi
• Logic
• Microsoft Powerpoint ‘04 & later
• mPlayer
• Movist
• OpenOffice Impress
• Preview
• PandoraBoy
• PandoraJam
• PandoraOne Desktop
• Photos
• Plex, Plex Home Theater, & Plex Media Player
• Quicktime
• Rdio
• Safari
• Skim
• Songbird
• Spotify
• Squire
• The Tube
• xbmc (Xbox Media Center)

- SWITCH: Access your Mac’s Dock, launching & switch between all controllable applications on the Mac, toggle the iTunes visualizer, and more. Order & display customizable.

- Click-and-hold works just like on the physical remote in applications; for example, holding the right button fast-forwards, while a single click is ‘next’. This is a feature no other iPhone remote control I know of does properly!

- Sleep on demand; wake the Mac automatically
- Pause the music or video automatically when you answer a call on your iPhone
- Proximity sensor support to automatically turn the screen off if the device is face-down
- Secure authentication
- Optional dark interface
- Connect via WiFi or Bluetooth (Bluetooth requires Personal Hotspot Bluetooth tethering)


• Mac OS X 10.4.0 or later.
• Mac: The free Rowmote Helper program must be running on the Mac to be controlled. Download at Some features require later versions of Mac OS X.
• Apple TV: 1st and 2nd generation may see for potential compatibility.

Rowmote is a steal! Couple it with Apple’s free Remote app to turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into the ultimate controller for home stereo, mobile presentation, or casual video viewing.

The artwork of Rowmote was designed by Rik Schennink.


Versie 4.3

• Added support for connecting over Bluetooth and Peer-to-Peer Wifi (Mac OS X 10.10+; requires Rowmote Helper 4.1.5 or later).
• Fixed a rare issue which could lead to an error when reconnecting to a Mac
• Improved support for controlling Kodi and Plex Media Player

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6 beoordelingen

Works like a charm


Werkt precies zoals vermeld, ideaal voor Front Row en Keynote. Werkt ook voor iTunes maar daar is de Apple Remote app voor de iPhone wel beter voor. Geen vijf sterren want in werkelijkheid is de afbeelding van de remote een lelijk vierkant ipv de getoonde 'clickwheel' look in de App Store.

EDIT: Vijfde ster erbij na uitleg van ontwikkelaar en nieuw design in laatste update. Lelijke gekantelde vierkant is niet meer.

nog veel aan te verbeteren

Ralph en Lian

je kunt een programma activeren, maar niet uitzetten. harder/zachter zetten werkt niet. eenmaal de "echte" remote ingedrukt, heeft de rowmote geen controle meer over itunes.
er moet nog heel, heel veel verbeterd worden. Remote werkt stukken beter en is nog gratis ook, uitgaande dat je hem alleen maar voor itunes gebruikt.
De bediening van frontrow werkt wel goed.
Vraag? waarom zou je keynote openen van af je iphone als je daarna je muis en toetsenbord nodig hebt om het e.a. te selecteren.

Good, But could be better


Love this app! Would be better if all the applications you control. Had more functions. Like numeric buttons for eyetv.


Evan Schoenberg, M.D.
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