Setellite enables you to collect and register all your on set VFX data in an organized and effective way. Designed to be used during a (visual effects) shoot for (feature) films, television series or other types of production, Setellite keeps track of all scene-, weather-, location-, camera-, take-, plate- and reference data on a per slate basis.

Setellite is build around the concept of creating digital forms that are linked to the system of slates and takes used on any regular filmset and in post production afterwards. Real time, synchronized project sharing allows multiple users on the same set (or supervising different units) to work simultaneously with Setellite.

* Collect and organize VFX specific data
* Customize templates for your VFX forms
* Supports feature films, TV-series and more
* VES Camera Report Format compatible
* Link pictures, videos and drawings to slates
* Synchronised project sharing & web-readout
* Extensive export and output options


Versie 2.2.11

- New PDF Export: Contact sheets.
- The created Slate Filter rules can now be inverted (e.g. show all slates that are not starred).
- The Slate and Take lists of the Record Destination page can now be sorted ascending or descending.
- Fixed a sorting issue of the Slate list.
- Fixed a possible crash when trying to add resolutions/format/iso items to a custom Library Camera.
- Fixed a possible crash on logging out.
- Fixed an issue that could make it impossible to switch between from/to values of a field using the calculator.
- Fixed an issue that caused user details of a previously logged-on user to be retained.
- Fixed an issue that made it hard to select a field in the Take Camera ticket.
-Several small bug fixes and improvements.


PLX Technologies B.V.
55.2 MB
Foto en video
Vereist iOS 8.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPad.
Beoordeeld 4+
© 2012-2017 Planet X Technologies, The Netherlands | Setellite®


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