Sketch Club is a super versatile app for drawing, painting, typography and even photo correction and manipulation that allows beginners and pros alike to take their art to the next level.

Along with providing fantastic tools for creation, the integrated community motivates and inspires you to keep improving and trying new things. Join in daily challenges, weekly competitions, monthly group events, annual awards and other special events! Follow along with tutorials and classes to learn new techniques and continually improve your digital art.

• Brush, Blur, Eraser, Fill, Pen, Pixels, Procedural, Select, Smudge, Text, and Vector tools
• Layers with configurable blending, naming, and color tagging
• Create your own comics and manga with the Pen and Text tools
• Layer filters for color adjust, blurs, edges, noise, vignette and more
• Layer transform with skew, shear, perspective, and tiling
• Super fast brush and compositing engine
• Up to 16K canvas size with presets including standard 300 DPI print sizes
• Line, circle, square, and triangle shapes with automatic aspect ratio snapping
• Horizontal, vertical, and dual mirroring modes
• Canvas recording and export in full 1080 HD
• Background autosave and persistent undo history
• Universal binary supports both iPhones and iPads
• Over 8 years running of continuous updates

• Brushes with high resolution shapes, pattern textures, and input curves
• Loads of built in tool presets plus thousands more from the community
• Export sketches and presets to iCloud, Dropbox, Email and more
• Create and share custom brush presets in community library
• Pen tool presets include calligraphy, fountain pen, gel pen, and more
• Pen and Vector tools include simplify for smooth lines even with shaky hands
• Create smooth filled shapes and gradient with Vector
• Procedural Sketchy and Smooth for amazing fast results
• Procedural Bristles for realistic oil paint simulation
• Animated GIF export

• Configurable color themes to make Sketch Club uniquely yours
• Customizable shortcut bar for single tap access to your favorite functionality
• Popup quick color swatch and size and opacity controls
• Floating reference image with color sampling

• New challenge every day and new competition every week!
• Massive library of shared brushes, templates, and textures
• Live stream and chat for feedback and fun while you draw
• Learn through tutorials, speed painting videos, and live classes
• Follow other artists and gain fans as you share your creations
• Community whiteboard with realtime collaborative drawing and fun events
• Annual awards honoring the best creations every year

• Excellent iPad Pro and Apple Pencil support
• PSD file format export
• RGB and hexadecimal color inputs
• Bluetooth stylus support for Adonit Jot Touch, FiftyThree, Hex3, TenOne, and Wacom
• Screen mirroring modes for presentations and demos
• Draw in Multiply, Normal, Overlay, and Screen brush blend modes
• Input curves with angle, distance, fade, pressure, random, speed tilt, and time
• Adobe Creative Cloud import and export

What are you waiting for, create with us in Sketch Club today!


Versie 2.8.1

Support for the new iPad Pro!
• Added support for the new Apple Pencil. Double tap on the new Pencil to toggle to eraser, toggle between most recently used tools/presets, or open the color panel based on your system settings.

New Shortcuts!
• Lots of available keyboard shortcuts while drawing. Press and hold the command key for a quick guide of what’s available.
• Toggle eraser and Toggle previous tool can be mapped to finger gestures in Settings. They can also be added to the shortcut bar.
• Erase tool blend mode shortcut now toggles so you can tap it quickly switch between Over and Erase tool blend modes.

• Update Calligraphy Pen preset
• New Digital Pen preset
• Updated Procedural Dripper preset
• SonarPen option to map button to toggle ignoring touch input
• Fixed max size for Bristles and Text procedurals
• Misc other bug fixes

New from 2.8

Take your inking and line art to the next level with a huge update to the Pen tool! Use the new “Smooth” parameter on pens for real-time smoothing of your pen strokes. Get those beautiful smooth lines and curves you’ve always wanted - even when your hand is not so steady. Could you already draw super smooth freehand? Don’t worry we've got you too fam - a new Procedural preset called Wobbler will mess that right up! It’s even great for spooky Halloween lettering!

• Real time stroke smoothing!
• A whole new set of Pen presets including Calligraphy Pen, Dashed, Dotted, Fountain Pen, Fude Pen, Gel Pen, Highlighter (try overlapping colors!), Ripper (fun for Halloween!), Smooth Taper, and Technical Pen
• Excellent support of Apple Pencil with pressure, tilt, and prediction
• Expanded set of parameters for controlling the nib, stroke, tapering, and blending

• New Hexagon mode!
• Control opacity and inset with stylus pressure and 3D Touch!

• New Procedural preset: Wobbler!
• New Crop to Selection. Select part of canvas, choose Resize, choose Crop to Selection
• New shortcut options for the shortcut bar: Toggle Layer panel and Reference Image
• Improved canvas gestures and smooth snapping of canvas rotation to screen alignment
• Updated support for SonarPen
• Fix exporting sketches on iOS 12
• Fix dashed mirror and transforms lines on iOS 12
• Additional bug fixes - thanks always for reporting issues!

Hope you enjoy this update and have fun with all the new toys!

Beoordelingen en recensies

4.5 van 5
27 beoordelingen
27 beoordelingen
Eelco Deuling ,

De beste teken en schilder app

Hoewel dit programma absoluut niet het mooiste programma is om mee te kunnen tekenen biedt het wel de meeste vrijheid in keuzemogelijkheden.

Geen fancy gereedschappen die er flashy uit zien (maar in werkelijkheid alleen maar hetzelfde generieke kunstje vertonen): in plaats daarvan heb je de beschikking over een uitgelezen toolset waar ook een desktop mastodont als Photoshop of Painter nog eens een voorbeeld aan kan nemen.

Sketchclub biedt meer opties om een eigen formaat te gebruiken als uitgangspunt dan welk ander tekenprogramma voor iOS dan ook, meer overvloei modi voor lagen, meer lagen (beperkt tot 64, bij enorme pixelformaten minder), een betere workflow om mee te kunnen werken dan welke concurrent dan ook.

Sinds negen jaar teken ik op dit platform en ik heb inmiddels elk serieus programma wel gekocht, getest en bij elke update opnieuw getest. Maar Sketchclub is de beste.

Gkgyunvrhmk ,

Geweldig leuk prgramma!

Goed tekenprogramma, heel veel mogelijkheden. Makkelijk te gebruiken.
Online community. De laatste tijd veel kinderen op de app.
Een waarschuwing voor ouders, het is mogelijk om te streamen, maar er is geen toezicht, geen moderators.
M.i. daarom niet geschikt voor kinderen zonder goede supervisie.

solarcorona ,

Fijne app

De beste app voor lineart, hands down! Een andere fine toevoeging is hoe makkelijk je rechte lijnen kan maken, iets waar de meeste ander tekenapps nog steeds moeite mee hebben.


Jim Scott
60 MB

Vereist iOS 9.1 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.


Engels, Frans, Japans, Spaans, Trad. Chinees, Vereenv. Chinees

Beoordeeld 4+
© 2018 Jim Scott
€ 3,49


  • Delen met gezin

    Tot zes gezinsleden kunnen deze app gebruiken als Delen met gezin staat ingeschakeld.

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