SonicWeb is an advanced multi radio station recording internet radio player.

=== Discover new music ===
Tunein to more than two thousand free, hand selected, high quality internet radio stations or add your own radio stations.

=== Fully featured internet radio player ===
Browse popular and recommended radio stations, set favorites, filter by genre or bitrate and search by name.

=== Advanced internet radio recorder ===
Record multiple stations simultaneously.
Record continuously or automatically split the internet radio streams into tracks and put them into a playlist.
Timeshift internet radio: pause and resume playback at any time without any gaps.

=== Custom playlists ===
Create custom playlists from the tracks you like. Keep the tracks as long as you want and play them as many times as you like.

=== Export recordings into folders and / or to iTunes ===
Use iTunes to listen to your recordings and to copy them to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
Export recordings into folders to listen to them using any third party player and to create backups

=== Unique to SonicWeb: The powerful station list feature ===
With several simultaneously turned on radio stations your playlist will quickly contain many unplayed tracks. This enables you to skip tracks you don't like without any skip limit as long as there are more tracks available in your playlist.
Enjoy gapless audio playback with tracks from different radios stations crossfading into each other. SonicWeb dynamically adjusts the volume of loud and silent tracks so that you don't have to.
Together these features create your own personal radio station: seamless playback of diverse playlists with ever changing tracks that you can control just like a regular media player.

=== Deep Mac OS X integration ===
- Menu bar icon. Keep your dock tidy. SonicWeb can hide its dock icon and show an icon in the menu bar instead.
- Background notifications. SonicWeb can show background notifications in Mountain Lion's Notification Center.

Check out the demonstration video to see SonicWeb in action:

The manual contains much more information about SonicWeb:

For mobile users: SonicWeb is also available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:


Versie 2.3

- Fixed a bug in track export that in some case could result in corrupt AAC files
- SonicWeb remembers now the last used audio device
- Pause starts timeshifting of live playing stations in the last used recording mode instead of always switching to continuous recording
- Space key does stop live playing stations now instead of activating timeshifting
- Show the routing panel again if there are multiple audio devices attached
- Fixed incorrect display of buffering states
- Fixed a problem with umlauts with station suggestions, feedback and license activation
- Fixed a bug in the album cover search that could lead to invalid searches for some timezones
- Improved defaults for dynamic loudness adjustement


Recording internetradio

Another Niceday

Musiclovers have long discovered the benefits of Internetradio. Pity is that streaming is volatile. SonicWeb, available in the Appstore, combines the best of two worlds: listening to hundreds of radiostations and the ability to record the streams. In addition, the program allows you to create playlists so that your own musiclibrary can be made. With the latest update (1.3) it is now possible to hear the recorded music through, for example, Apple TV, powered speakers or a stereosystem. Music quality is on CD level. Highly recommended for music lovers who like to make new discoveries and enjoy them again and again in Hifi quality.


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