Starry Landscape Stacker makes it possible to produce landscape photographs taken at night that have both low noise and stars rendered as points. It does this by compositing several images taken in rapid succession, shifting the sky as needed to align the stars. A free trial version is available on the developer's website.


Versie 1.6.2

Light frames may now have alpha channels. This is important for users of RAW converters that always include an alpha channel even if there is no mask. (For example, ON1 and Photos alway include an alpha channel). It is strongly preferred to use tiff files without alpha as the files are 33% smaller and more than 33% faster to read. There is a new restriction—if all of your images have an alpha channel and you want to supply a mask that marks the whole image as sky, that mask file must be a monochrome bit map.

Fixed some problems with handling of the boundary between sky and ground. Image quality in this area is much better.

Fixed some errors with computing and reporting required temporary file space.

Fixed a problem dealing with incomplete EXIF data from some older cameras.

Beoordelingen en recensies

Room for improvement


The nice thing about this program is that it is extremely simple to use. And with a bit of luck, it produces reasonable results too. The editing functions are a little clumsy, but do serve their purpose. On the other hand, the programs simplicty is also its weakness. If you want to stack more than 4 images or so, often the registration goes completely wrong without clear reason. It would be good if there were more ways to help the algorithm perform the registration better, or improve the registration afterwards. Now it is all or nothing. Another thing that is still not clear to me is where you have to place the red dots. The auto-generated dots are placed around the stars of only one image of the stack. However, in the composed image you will see a whole trail of stars! I noticed that if you mark all stars in the trail the registration sometimes works better. But why are the auto-generated dots then not placed in the same way? Confusing. In practice, you cannot stack more than 3 or 4 images with this program. This is a pity, because it will reduce the noise only a little bit. I tried to stack 16 images in groups of 4 (so stack 1-4, 5-8, 9-12 and 13-16 and then stack the composed images again), but that dit not work, and the regstration went all over the place. This program is worth its price, nice and simple, but do not expect miracles.


Ralph Hill
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