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Versie 9.1.5

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes
Fix for iPhone XR, XS user interface issue
Fix for 'Delete Playlist' bug
Fix for Waze connection issue

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For all readers ,

Watch out! It's a scam!

I used to be a satisfied paying customer. But watch out, do not, I repeat do not download any copyrighted book in the documents department. Ofcourse you think "well maybe that's what u pay for", or "if Scribd knows it's illegal, they'll surely delete those documents". But they don't. And because those books are there, that makes you think that it's allowed to upload them too. But it isn't. And then suddenly you get a three strikes out notice without any chance to complain, to protest, etc. But the money I paid for a year, that they keep. Kind a criminal according to Dutch law. But I have better ways to spend my time and money. Just buy books at Amazon's Kindle. They don't scam you. For example also things like being in the middle of reading a book and then Scribd sends a mail the book will be down three days later.
A lot of words, but you only need to remember this one: SCAM!

Rrradiogirrrl ,

Great app to get what you want to listen to

This app perfectly served my desire to listen to subject related (content on demand) audio! You just select one of the recent or broad subjects and press play! Within a couple of seconds you're listening to the latest podcasts about your chosen category of news. A great app to bring you all the podcasts you're too lazy to find yourself! Great feature: the search feature gives you a list of all shows discussing your search subject!

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Tientallen podcasts en radiostations.


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