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Van Chromatic Labs Inc.

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Tabular is a tablature editor that lets you read and write music for guitar, bass, drums and much more. It's the best way to learn new songs, write your own songs and run through practice exercises for nearly any kind of stringed instrument or drum kit.

Practice tools allow you to master challenging songs and improve your technique by letting you start off slow and gradually increase the speed after each loop. You can also keep logs of your practice sessions so you always know where you last left off.

All of your music will be neatly organized and managed for you with the app's integrated document library. No more manually sorting through files — you'll have everything automatically stored and sorted in one place. Even better, with iCloud support, everything will stay in sync across all of your devices, including the iPad with the companion Tabular Mobile app.

• Write music using tablature notation for nearly any stringed instrument with 3 to 12 strings
• Create and save custom tunings or choose from the built-in tuning library
• Full support for percussion tablature
• Full rendering of the musical staff
• Multitrack documents
• MIDI playback with 53 different instrument sounds
• Adjustable playback speed for practicing
• Configurable speed trainer that can increase playback speed after each loop
• Practice logs to keep track of your progress with a song or exercise
• Large library of notations including legato, vibrato, bends, grace notes, etc.
• Built-in document library to keep all of your music organized
• iCloud support keeps your documents in sync across all your devices
• Visual fretboard lets you see where each note is played
• Customizable document templates to quickly create new songs using your most common instrument configurations
• Built-in interactive tutorial
• Import from Guitar Pro 3/4/5 or MIDI file formats
• Export to PDF, MIDI or plain text (ASCII) formats
• Paste tabs directly from the app into any text editor for instant sharing of ASCII tabs
• Printing support
• Sleek, modern interface built just for OS X
• Single-window tabbed interface
• Retina support

Feel free to contact us on our support page at if you have any issues or feedback!

Wat is er nieuw in versie 1.3.2

• Fixed note playback on input.
• Fixed playback of dead notes.

Apologies for the delay in releasing the next major update. It's still in the works, but is taking longer than expected to finish. I'll do my best to get it out there as soon as possible!

Thanks, and feel free to visit our support page at if you have any issues or feedback!


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Recensies van klanten


I started playing the bass a couple of months ago, and while I’m studying it, haven’t been focusing too much on notation. Also, I will admit to being a keyboard junkie. Keep that in mind.

I bought Tabular when I tried to play an Amy Winehouse song on my bass, and felt the need to write down what I found while playing that song. Being the keyboard junkie I am, I first started looking at VexTab. VexTab is cool for people who like their keyboard, but then trying to set up a tool chain to turn your VexTab into something readable and playable is quite some work. Not the kind of effort I felt like putting in.

So, a little reluctantly, I started looking at the AppStore, to see what it had. Tabular seemed the tool that was updated fairly recently, didn’t look too bad, but it didn’t get good grades in the AppStore. Still, I decided to give it a shot, and I’m loving it!

The other reviewers mentioned it was crashing. I haven’t had it crash once. I like the fact that it’s keyboard focused, preventing you to have carefully drag notes around, which would have been a pain. But I also like the immediate playback feedback. And even with my little experience in music notation, I managed to get something done that looks pretty much spot on, containing even a few constructs I learned on the fly, without actually too much effort.

The one thing I’m missing is have the ability to have the note play automatically as soon as you add or alter it. Hopefully the next version will have that.

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  • € 29,99
  • Categorie: Muziek
  • Bijgewerkt:
  • Versie: 1.3.2
  • Grootte: 154 MB
  • Taal: Engels
  • Ontwikkelaar:

Compatibiliteit: OS X 10.10 of hoger, 64-bit processor


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