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Volleyball Strategy Tool is a fully universal app, compatible with all iPods, iPhones, and iPads, that simulates a customizable volleyball clipboard! It's the perfect volleyball companion for coaches, players, and volleyball enthusiasts!

On the iPad, you can substitute benched players with players on the court!

Ranked in the Top 5 Sports Apps and downloaded in 59 different countries!

Drag and drop the players on the screen to plan out your next move or strategy. To reset the board, simply push the reset button.

***In-App Purchase: Custom Images Package!***
With the Custom Images Package In-App Purchase you can add custom photos from your photo album and set them for the player images! Also, you can overlay a custom team/school logo on centre court from your photo album!

Team colours are customizable: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Black!

Player Labels & Shapes are customizable too!

Quick & Easy line rotation with the click of a button.

Save and Load different situations with an easy to use interface! Export a screenshot of any saved situation to your photo album with the Export button.

Want to show somebody your unstoppable setup? Email an image right from the app!

Click the pencil icon enter Draw mode! Use one finger to draw on the screen with the colour and brush thickness of your choice. While in Draw mode, you can use the arrow tool, undo/redo drawings, use the player toggle icon to show/hide the players, and tap the clear icon to clear the screen.

You can set your own player animations! For animations:
1) Click the + button to set an animation checkpoint
2) Move your players to their next desired position
3) Click the + button to set another animation checkpoint
4) Repeat steps 2 & 3, and when ready, click the Play button!

(Animation checkpoints can be removed by clicking the - button)

Settings also feature toggle options for active player enlargement, player name display, orientation lock and full or half court display.

In addition, there are 4 options for court colour (yellow, orange, white, and wood), and 4 options for the ball (white, multi-colour, FIVB, and off).

In the iPad version only, you can select Zoom mode! Use two fingers to zoom in or out, you can also pan across the screen using one finger when in Zoom mode. Additionally, you can double-tap while in Zoom mode to zoom in or out. Additionally, you can double-tap while in Zoom mode to zoom in or out.

Volleyball Strategy Tool features high resolution retina images, supports multi-tasking and fast app switching, and is optimized for iOS 7.

Volleyball Strategy Tool is from the makers of Hockey Strategy Tool, Basketball Strategy Tool, and Curling Strategy Tool!


Versie 3.1

New in version 3.1
◆ Fixed the upgrade crash issue

New in version 3.0
We've completely revamped the way everything is stored in Volleyball Strategy Tool! Here's what we've fixed/added:
◆ App is now iPhone 5 compatible
◆ Fixed rotation issues on iPad
◆ Fixed crashes caused by animations
◆ Added an arrow tool! Just tap where you want the arrow to start, then tap where you want it to end!
◆ Removed ability to save/email animations
◆ Removed Eraser Mode, replaced with Undo/Redo drawing options
◆ Fixed issue with deleting a saved state
◆ Added Save/Save As ability, can now overwrite existing saved states
◆ Added sorting of saved states by name and date modified

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Aardige app. Goed te gebruiken in de praktijk. Ook enkele acties achterelkaar geeft mogelijkheden. Jammer dat de blokjes niet te schalen zijn. Makkelijk in gebruik..


Jeff Rogers
11.8 MB
Vereist iOS 5.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.
Beoordeeld 4+
© 2011 Jeff Rogers
€ 1,09
In-app aankopen
  1. Custom Images Package € 1,09


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