A.D. 1451: After the death of Sultan Murad the Second, his then 18-year-old son Fatih Mehmed ascends the throne once again. Two years later, he shall be the one to cause a significant change in world history...

From the first moment, Mehmed's goal is to conquer Byzantine Constantinople, the hostile enclave within Ottoman Empire. While pretending peaceful relations with the Byzantine Emperor and his allies, Sultan Mehmed takes strategical steps to speed up the process of preparing for the upcoming battle – he strengthens his army, arranges the development of giant cannons, upgrades the naval fleet and initiates the building of a new fortress to cut Constantinople off from maritime trade.

In the night of 1st April 1453, when Easter is celebrated in the streets of Constantinople, tens of thousands of Ottoman soldiers arrive at its gates, facing the giant walls of one of the best protected cities at that time...

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