Dabbe 5: Poison X: Dilek and her husband Ömer lead a calm and peaceful life in the city of İstanbul, Turkey, their days countersigned by the ticking of their comforting routine. Until, one night, Dilek wakes from her sleep with a dreadful feeling... "A terrible nightmare,", she explains. "Something about the Devil...he whispered in my ear..." The episode marks the beginning of sinister happenings that lead Dilek to believe that her house is inhabited by creatures; beings that hide in dark corners watching her, listening to her conversations. Days go by and Dilek begins showing signs of instability. Her husband is clearly skeptical about her explanations but agrees to call in a Medium, who offers to help them by performing a seance. A dramatic confrontation follows; Dilek and Ömer are warned that a supernatural being, the most dangerous of Djinns, is haunting her. An obscure episode about the woman's past has inavertedly opened a door to a parallel dimension, one that threatens to let through an army of demons. The film is based on an Anatolian legend that traces back to the beginning of time; its deadly curse way beyond the wildest of imaginations...

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