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Chasing the well-known legacy of Northern European metal bands, Norwegian Deride manages to present daring compositions. Combining heavy metal's classical references with original and ponderous notes, the band ultimately offers their sole mark within the metal style. Deride started their operations in 1995 in their hometown of Bergen, Norway. Borre H. Michelsen (vocals), Ole Walaunet (guitar), Johan Alme (bass), and Kjetil Greve (drums) secured the original lineup of the crew. A few months after forming, the crew played their first concert at a local rock club. Their extreme compositions brought out considerable enthusiasm among the attending crowd, offering the team a faithful fan base from the very start. During the next two years, Deride played numerous live concerts all over Norway, including opening shows for units such as Entombed. Recording their self-titled demo disc shortly afterward, the group appeared to be on the straight path to fame and glory. However, in 1998 Michelsen and Alme decided to part ways with the band. It was only in 1999 that Walaunet and Greve were joined by vocalist Frediablo and bassist Tarjei Heggernes, shortly before the signing of their first record deal with Music Cartel. After two years of preparation, Deride's debut full-length, Scars of Time, finally hit record stores in 2001. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges

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