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Jo Zimmermann's Schlammpeitziger project has been a unique fixture on Cologne's electronic scene since the early '90s. Zimmermann's simple, unassuming music is constructed almost entirely using the factory presets of his trusty Casio CZ-230S keyboard, with spare use of samples and a drum machine added for seasoning. Always present on his records are Zimmermann's wry sense of humor and fondness for wordplay. The word "schlammpeitziger" is a slight modification of the German name for a species of mud-dwelling fish, and many of Schlammpeitziger's lengthy titles use similar linguistic trickery. With his unashamedly retro sound sources and flair for naïve melody, Schlammpeitziger incorporates the textures of early German electronic pioneers like Kraftwerk and Cluster into a distinctly lo-fi, indie pop context.

The first Schlammpeitziger recordings were compiled on the Erdrauchharnschleck cassette in 1993 by Entenpfuhl, a label founded by Frank Dommert (later of Gefriem and Sonig). A remixed and remastered version of Erdrauchharnschleck eventually surfaced on vinyl. After the eminently tongue-twisting but seldom heard Freundlichbaracudamelodieliedgut appeared in 1996, 1998's more upbeat Spacerockmountainrutschquatier brought Schlammpeitziger a wider audience, and the further refined Augenwischwaldmoppgefloete followed in 2000. The exceptional compilation Collected Simplesongs of My Temporary Past, which contained selected tracks from all of his full-length releases along with some odds and ends, appeared in 2001. Zimmermann also collaborates with F.X. Randomiz as Holosud. ~ Mark Richardson

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