12 Songs, 48 Minutes


About Transjoik

The musical traditions of the Sami people of Norway have been brought up to date by keyboardist and vocalist Frode Fjellheim and his band, Transjoik. Basing their sound on old wax recordings of traditional joik, the group has enhanced its music with, what Tryggve Lundemo Adresseavisen calls, "an elegant use of sampling loops, electronic wizardry, and an awesome rhythmic drive." The website www.laze.net/bestmusic.com offered a similar view of the group's sound, describing it as "shaman tribal drumming techniques with polyphonic Tibetan Buddhist chants and then tossing some earthy, ambient sounds into the mix." Formed by Fjellheim in 1992, Transjoik was initially named the Frode Fjellheim Jazz Joik Ensemble. Fjellheim, who co-produces the band's recordings and writes most of their songs, is joined by guitarist/vocalist Nils-Olav Johansen, percussionist Snorre Bjerck, and traditional drummer Tor Haugerud. ~ Craig Harris



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