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Although having known and worked with each other since 1991, the founding members of Holland's throwback tech-house outfit Jark Prongo made their debut with 1998's minimal crossover favorite "Movin' Thru Your System." Dobre (Gaston Steenkist) and Jamez (Rene ter Horst) founded the Fresh Fruit label in 1991, moved onto Pssst four years later, and built their career up with an intimidating array of aliases including Trancesetters, 51 Days, D.J. Zki, Klatsch!, Basco, Tatabox Inhibitors, Tomba Vira, Rene Et Gaston, and, of course, Jark Prongo. With "Movin' Thru Your System," the two hit big with the Sasha and Hooj Choons crowd and its pleasant, lolloping disco made the British Top 75, helped in part by a massive multi-part release campaign. Criticized by some for being pseudonymous one-hit wonders, Jark Prongo continued releasing under the name with 1999's Radio 1 play listed "Shake It," a remix of Groovezone's "Eisbaer" remake, and the Fergie- and Yomanda-approved 2001 single "Rocket Base." ~ Dean Carlson

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