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[DARYL], named for the '80s movie about a robotic boy (the Data Analyzing Robotic Youth Lifeform), is sure to please fans of new wave and films like War Games and Electric Dreams. Like the Faint, [DARYL] exuberantly updates the slick, electro-grooves of the Cars, the Police, and Echo & the Bunnymen, with a little Joy Division thrown in for a sound that should garner comparisons to New York City's brilliant band Interpol.

The Dallas, TX, group, made up of Dylan Silvers, David Wilson, Mike Lamm, Jeff Parker, and Chadwick Ferman, formed in 1999. Their '80s synth sounds, combined with the catchy ferociousness of the Pixies, made for amazing live shows and the band, after their second-ever performance in Lawrence, KS, made a deal with a small label to release a five-song EP. This was followed by a 7" on the Denton, TX, label Quality Park Records. In the summer of 2001, they released their full-length concept album debut, The Technology, on Beatville Records. [DARYL]'s fiery, danceable, and unforgettable self-titled sophomore record, perhaps a cousin to Radio 4 and a musical relative to 2001's eerie '80s period flick Donnie Darko, was put out by Idol Records in May of 2002. ~ Charles Spano

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