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A proven process for finding your dream job in Norway.

Landing a job in Norway is the most difficult hurdle to overcome as a newcomer to the country. Even the most experienced expat has to compete against a highly educated workforce with near-native English language ability.

But there is a way through!

By following a proven strategy, this book will help you to:
Understand the job market in NorwayFind the job vacancies best suited for youDiscover what Norwegians are looking for in an employeeSucceed with the job interview by knowing exactly what to expectAvoid the most common mistakes made by foreigners
Norwegian employment and recruitment expert Ingrid Romundset Fabrello has years of experience leading workshops and one-on-one consulting to help English-speaking foreigners in Norway land a job. She shares her expertise and very best advice from helping a diverse range of foreigners into the Norwegian job market.

Her co-author David Nikel has spent seven years running a website for foreigners in Norway, and has been through the recruitment process himself several times. He receives questions and hears stories from his fellow expats on a daily basis, so understands exactly what the challenges are.

Whether you're a single professional dreaming of a new life in Norway, or a trailing spouse looking to fill your days, How to Find a Job in Norway will help you hit your employment goal.

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July 18
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