Dennis Risvoll lives in a small Norwegian mountain village, Vågå, and learned to ski from his extreme skiing father. Dennis has spent most of his adult life running down steep mountains at high speed, and a lot of that time up side down doing backflips. After winning several national and international competitions, he has now reached the top of the ladder as a professional free skier and one of few to qualify for Free ride World Tour. The film Heedless follows Dennis throughout a whole season of The Free ride World Tour and we are taken to spectacular destinations such as Andorra, France, Austria, Alaska and Switzerland. The riders with the best speed, jumps, and wildest line will win, if they can stay on their feet. There are constant dangers, like avalanches, crashes, and falling down cliffs. Dennis is quickly established as a risk taker, among risk takers. The director and narrator Håvard Hanas and spends a lot of time uncovering his motivations and methods. And, not least, how he deals with risks.Is he in search for attention? Money? Honor? Or is it madness? It becomes clear that his methods can lead to some very dangerous situations. Will he change his ways before it's too late?

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