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Like a Tim is Netherlands-based electronica deviant Tim van Leijden, whose idiot-(s)avant-garde abusements of hip-hop and techno have appeared mostly on the D-Jax label. One for the "Yeah, I buy his records...Sorted!...Play them out? Are you joking?" file, Leijden's surprisingly listenable beat-hiccups are similar in some respects to artists such as Atom Heart and Patrick Pulsinger, but with a typically stronger, more minimal hip-hop foundation (Mantronix, Schooly D) which those artists often trade out. Following a high-profile remix session for countrymate Speedy J's major label debut ("Ni Go Snix," released by Mute in early 1997), Leijden was roped in by Cornwall-based acid/electronica label Rephlex to give a few tracks the Like a Tim makeover. Leijden is also a gifted graffiti artist (his visual style equally as idiosyncratic as his musical), and his illustrations grace the labels and sleeves of most of his releases; he returned in 2000 with Red and Blue Boxing. ~ Sean Cooper

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