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Start with our world-class goal and habit tracking. Our free tracking tools will change your life. If you get stuck in your goals, get motivated by our community or hire one of our world-class coaches.

Every aspect of our app and community is focused on helping you achieve mastery. From day one, we show you your progress, celebrate your milestones, and answer your questions. Honestly, we should be charging you $500 just to be a member, but 90% of our tools are completely free to you.

Every aspect of our experience has been designed based on the latest research on psychology and behavior design. We are huge fans of Carol Dweck, Daniel Kahneman and BJ Fogg. If you join our community you will develop a growth mindset, learn the power of positive reinforcement, experience the motivational force of external accountability, and harness your improvement efforts in an efficient way according to the tenants of deliberate practice.

Here are a handful of success stories from our community:

“Wish I would have met my coach Will years ago! I am literally 3 times more effective and productive than I used to be.” ~ Dan

“Before my coach Josh, the idea of bounding out of bed early in the morning was a dream and something I had tried and failed at for years. Josh broke it down into very simple steps. I am now sleeping better, getting up early consistently and the biggest breakthrough is getting up is now easy.” ~Jess

“Without being able to press that 'Send Message' button to my coach every day, I am certain I would not have come as far with my writing. With that momentum I managed to write 500 words nearly every day, started a blog, and am still going. It's been only 3 months, and I feel like a new person.” ~ Alina

“I got a promotion literally two weeks after hiring my business coach. Now I have a much bigger say over product and strategy. I feel like a leader and people treat me accordingly!” ~ Graham

“Dorothy has been so inspirational to me and gives me the reasoning and a solution to any problem I have had on the diet. With her coaching I lost 20 pounds and now have the habits in place to lose the next 20 on my own. I might keep her around however, just for the support and occasional kick in the butt.” ~ Estela

“I get more done before my family wakes up than I used to in an entire day. After countless attempts to do this on my own, hiring George as a coach was the lever I needed to shift my productivity fast forward. I've been successful because George helped me create a morning routine that works specifically for me.” ~ Jim

What's New

Version 2017.7.16

This release includes a number of bug fixes to underlying partner APIs. Uh... that just means we're updating our connection to Facebook.

How are you otherwise? You don't see a lot of app updates from us because so much of our work is on the content side. That work doesn't require an actual app release--rather you see it directly in the app immediately when we are done.

What's new since our last update?

* We're profitable. We weren't always. In fact, we used to lose a lot of our investor's money. But now we make money on our coaching business. That's a huge relief to me personally and should be at least a minor relief to you. From your perspective, what this means is that we won't go out of business or sell the app to some w.e.i.g.h.t watchers or anything like that.

* If you haven't seen, I'm running a personal coaching group of a few hundred people based around the idea of training your mind like you train your body. It's called Heavy Mental. Google it or look for the in-app promo.

* If you're looking for a new habit to track, I would suggest Write In Journal. We did a journaling module in Heavy Mental and it was the most powerful thing, you basically end up serving as your own therapist.

* If you're looking to get smarter, we've been publishing more of the lessons over on under the publication Better Humans. The articles we've published there have been amazing. I highly recommend checking them out.

* And, as always, lots of great coaches on the platform to help you maximize your success.

In service,
Tony, Founder/CEO of

Ratings and Reviews

Habit forming;-)


Wonderful app that sits in the "Lifechange" folder on my home screen and has done the most to help me form new habits and break old ones. Went from chocoholic to current 145 days streak of no sweets ( even over xmas) thanks to Lift and the props from strangers trying to break the same habit.
This is a strength of Lift - social features that are about building personal resolve not oversharing or creepy voyeurism. Every update has added something to make it even better, many suggested by users. Excellent .

An update for the latest version of Lift, which has only gotten better and better. Thanks to the app I've not only made a habit of daily cold showers ( over 300 days in a row so far) , have finally put in enough time to learn to meditate and see the benefits, conquered my inbox and generally acquired more good habits while helping others do the same through the system of props.
It's an amazing app built on a simple premise that has worked for me and that I see working everyday for other people as I watch them build habit streaks in all sorts of areas.

Brilliant! I love it!


Everyone should have this app. It's not your everyday To-Do list, its so much more. It makes tasks fun, and being able to share your progress and get encouragement just motivates you more. Ticking things off, watching your progress, and most importantly: building habits.
This app has inspired me to do so many things, and it's not pushy either. Friendly reminders not commands.
Love love love it! I definitely reccomend.

Simple and effective app


An app I use every day. Really helpful in forming and maintaining new habits. Easy to use and good for tracking progress. It's very quick to log what you've done. Includes useful resources for things like learning to meditate, too.


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