New Society

Rick Roman, the guitarist for the Christian metal band Outcry, began experimenting with industrial music after his band broke up. He released A Taste of Black and So Red a Revelation in 1990 as New Society, but then hooked up with his friend, James Wayman, who had just left his band, Awaykening. With drummer Dennis Linn, the Christian industrial duo recorded True Faith; when Linn left for a football career, Roman and Wayman added a drum machine to record 1992's Eternity. Wayman dropped out soon after to enter college, leaving Roman as the sole member of New Society. He released World Order, Election Fact 1c and Children of the Beast in 1992, In Focus the following year and Evil Age in 1995. All releases are available on his own Roman Recordings label. Roman has also worked with Klarc White as le Francais de Arrogant.

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