Pepe Bradock

Whether dishing out deep house epics, breakbeats, elements of filter disco, or elements of, well, just about anything imaginable, it's all but impossible to know what you'll be getting from Pépé Bradock until the needle hits the record. And, occasionally, it's all but impossible to know exactly what you're getting after that. During the late '90s, Bradock issued a series of 12" releases that varied wildly from track to track. Most significantly, Burning Hot's monumental "Deep Burnt" became an instant favorite with house DJs. Bradock also began to take on remixing duties for the likes of fellow Frenchmen Cassius, Alex Gopher, and deep house pioneers Blaze. Bradock kept his steady release schedule of the late '90s with 2000's 6 Million Pintades, a 12" for the Atavisme label. ~ Andy Kellman

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