Melodic pop-punk outfit Southcott formed in Rockland County, NY, in late 2001. Originally looking for a replacement player for their existing group, Southcott was born after guitarist Mike Bateman and drummer John Damiano recruited a friend on the local scene, Chris Pennings, as their bassist. Later, Pennings became the group's vocalist instead. The guys recorded an EP in 2003 for Rock Out Records entitled The Lost Art of Saying Goodbye. On the road for most of 2005, they signed with Seattle's Less Avenged Records that July, while also contributing the track "Apple Shampoo" to Pacific Ridge's blink-182 tribute album. Lineup changes occurred through the years, and by the time Southcott had finished recording their debut full-length, bassist Mike "Trix" Morina and guitarist Mike Sullivan had completed the band. The five-piece next signed with the Cleveland-based Universal imprint Rust Records in December 2005. Citing influences for their brand of "happy music" from Bright Eyes to the Beatles to NOFX, Flee the Scene was jointly released by Rust and Less Avenged in early February 2006. The band hit the road hard nationwide in support; by the year's end, Southcott was down to a quartet with Sullivan and Bateman gone, and guitarist Jordan Eckes signed on in their place. Though the buzz around Southcott was continually growing, especially with their relentess touring regime, the group suddenly dissolved in February 2007; a few members resurfaced soon after in Thieves and Villains. ~ Corey Apar

    Rockland County, NY

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